Frederic Sultan

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"Social worker and coordinator of cultural and popular education initiatives dedicated to sciences and technology issues since 80s. I am working with Gazibo, a cooperative company created in 2008. Gazibo that provides services of project management (logistic, fundraising, coordination, publication, ...etc) based on the uses of digital tools for cooperation.

Since 2011, I am the coordinator of Remix the commons, a collaborative and evolutive multimedia project. It aims to document and illustrate the key ideas and practices of commonning by remixing multimedia materiels.

As activist, I am member of VECAM, a French non for profit organisation, dealing with the impact of ICT (information and communication technologies) on society. I have been working for VECAM from 2000 until 2006. I have been involved in some international initiatives and projects for the appropriation of information and communication technology, such as "Fragments du monde", "I-jumelages". Since then I am still involved in the activities of the association as a volunteer and sometime providing services by the way of my company Gazibo. I am also member of AITEC a French non for profit organisation dealing with citizenship expertise and strongly involved in Social Forum and Sciences and Democracy Forum. In 2009, I was involved in the process of writing the Manifesto "reclaim the commons" and the coordinator for the first World Forum Science and Democracy, and now member of the International Initiative Comittee of the World Forum Science and Democracy."