Benjamin Coriat

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"Benjamin CORIAT ([email protected]) is Professor of Economics at the University Paris 13. His research domains includes: IPR Sytems, Industrial Economics, Economics of Innovation and Technical change, Economics of Institutions. He is presently Chairman of the Coordinated Action “ Economics of Aids and Access to HIV/Care in Developing Countries” at ANRS (French National Agency for Research on Aids). He has extensively published on the issue of IPRs and IPR and Health. Last book  : B. Coriat (ed) “ The political economy of HIV/AIDS in developing countries. TRIPS, Public Health Systems and Free Access”, Edward Elgar, 2008.

He is now leading a large three years research project entitled “ IPRs, Exclusive Rights and the Commons – New Frontiers on Shared Access and Commons Based Production” ending in 2012. Sponsored the French ANR (National Agency for Research) this multidisciplinary project gathers fifteen research teams engaged in the study of commons in many different domains."