Danijela Dolenec

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= participant in the Europe Commons Deep Dive, Nov. 2012


"Danijela Dolenec works at the University of Zagreb, teaching comparative politics and social science methodology. She received her master's from the LSE (2005), and her doctorate in political science from the ETH Zürich (2012). Her primary interest in post-communist democratisation evolved during her time at Harvard University as a Fulbright scholar (2007/2008).

Recently she has co-authored We Need to Change, a study on sustainable development in Croatia (Domazet, Dolenec and Ančić, 2012). For years Danijela has been active in the civil sector in Croatia - most notably with organisations such as the Heinrich Boell Stiftung, the Open Society Foundation, the Academic Solidarity and the Subversive Forum - while currently she is working as the coordinator of an emerging green-left think tank, Group 22."


  • We need to change - Recent study on sustainable development perspectives for Croatia after Rio 20+ [1]
  • What Kind of Growth, What Kind of Degrowth: The Case of Croatia Reconsidered. Danijela Dolenec et al. [2]