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"I am the founder of NetwOrg. I currently manage and coordinate several online projects like Social Network Unionism project, Networked Labour website and email list, and Global Networked Labour Union (GNUnion). I continiously think, act, research, write, invent, present, and share in diverse fields among others distributed and networked politics, transnational and informational political economy of labour and social movements, collaborative online collective organizing and action and campaigning. Some of my writings and presentations are available online, here and here.

Previously, I worked with Turkey and the Netherlands based trade unions, NGO and advocacy groups like DISK, Oleyis, Tudef, FNV Bondgenoten, Transnational Institute, TIE-Netherlands. At the international level, I played an active interlocking role in Reclaiming Public Water Network, People’s Water Forum, Labour and Globalisation Network, Joint Social Conference and Alter Summit processes. I am afilated to New Unionism Network and on a daily basis I do manage tens of online social media accounts, online communities that are engaged in communication and networking activity; most of them are in relation to labour and social justice activism, and union organising.

I have been intensifely active on many online and real world / transnational workgroups, since the early 2011. Some of which are/ were linked to 15M, Decmoracia Real Ya, TaketheSquare, OccupyWallStreet and #OccupyGezi movements. I contributed to the preperation of #15O Global Change, #11.11.11 Occupy the World, # Global Spring, #Global Noise, #MMM – Million Mask March international mobilisations and am currently engaged in the preparation of another worldwide mobilisation (tagged as #WaveOfAction)."


'Orsan Senalp is a social movement and labour activist, immigrant flex worker, and global political economiat. He lives in the Netherlands and promotes P2P Social Network Unionism. He is the founder of P2P grassroots advise service Networganising and initiator transnational P2P labour union GAIA. He actively participated in global water justice movement between 2007 and 2010, and since 2011 has been involved in 15M and Occupy movements, as well as European convergences like Joint Social Conference, Alter-Summit and Firenze 10+10.

M.G. Senalp works on international political economy with a special focus on the transnational economic and political relations, social class formations and struggles. He has published several articles under the topics such as transnationalization of capitalism and capitalist classes, state and bourgeoisie in Turkey, global governance and institutional economics. He is currently working as an instructor in the Department of Economics at Atilim University, Ankara."

Projects and Proposals

Networked Labour: http://www.networkedlabour.net/

Global Networked Labour Union: http://snuproject.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/gnunion-global-networked-labour-union-join-the-one-big-meshwork-now/

Global unionism: the peer to peer model: http://newunionism.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/global-unionism-the-p2p-model/

The Dramatic Rise of Peer-to-Peer Communication within the emancipatory movements: http://snuproject.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/the-dramatic-rise-of-peer-to-peer-communication-within-the-emancipatory-movements-reflections-of-an-international-labour-social-justice-and-cyber-activist/

Building a stronger solidarity from the shop-floor: Social media and online networking guide for shop stewards and union activists: http://networg.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/networg-strategy-and-tie-netherlands/

Organizing, P2P Networking, and Mapping of the Production Process by the Workers: an Argument for a ‘New Unionism 2.0′: http://snuproject.wordpress.com/2011/12/08/organizing-social-networking-and-mapping-of-the-production-process-by-the-workers-an-argument-for-a-new-unionism-2-0/

More Information

  1. Labour and the Commons: http://www.unionbook.org/group/labour-and-the-commons?xg_source=activity
  2. SNU Project: http://snuproject.wordpress.com/,
  3. Networked Labour: http://www.networkedlabour.net/
  4. http://www.unionbook.org/profile/OrsanSenalp

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