Brigitte Kratzwald

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= Social scientist and political activist living in Graz, Austria



For many years my research issues were welfare state and public services, democracy, european union policies and social movements. Till 2008 I was acitivist for Attac Austria, for three years also member of the board.

The last years my topic has changed and my current theoretical work (and actually my everyday life) is focussed on alternatives to the capitalist system of reproduction, especially solidarity economy and commons. I write articles and hold lectures on commons, I run the website, which is the first austrian commons website, and I organized some events on commons, first of all the 1. German commons summer school together with my collegue Silke Helfrich. My aim is to promote the discussion on commons in Austria. My special interests are the questions of energy and climate change, of urban commons and how to develop the "culture of the commons".

More Information

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