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Serafini Stefano (Italy). Philosopher and psychologist. Co-founder, secretary-general, and research director at the International Society of Biourbanism. Managing editor of Journal of Biourbanism. Among his publications, the definitions of: Biourbanism (co-authored), P2P urbanism (co-authored).


Philosopher and Psychologist with a background as medievalist, Stefano Serafini is a researcher in the field of Epistemology, with a special interest in Intentionality and Form. He devoted 10 years to the study of Evolution and self-organization, and has carried on an original research on the origins of Semitic alphabets, together with his master, the notorious geneticist and writer Giuseppe Sermonti.

As founder member and director of the Salingaros Group, he takes part in researches and debates about biophilia in architecture, urbanism and living systems, in Italy and abroad. He's a founder member, and Director of Research, of the International Society of Biourbanism.

Former managing editor of the Angelicum University Press at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy, his works have been edited in several reviews, such as Angelicum, Bioarchitettura, Biology Forum, Jazyk i Kultura, Studi Cattolici, Rivista Italiana di Archeoastronomia, Rivista Italiana di Linguistica Applicata. He contributed to some Italian national newspaper such as Libero, Il Tempo, Il Secolo d'Italia, Il Secolo XIX. He has been the editor of the series “Studi” by the Medieval Studies Center of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. Among his publications: Vita quaerens intellectum. Tommaso d’Aquino e ricerca filosofica, Millennium: Rome, 1999; the Italian edition of Antonio Lima-de-Faria, Evolution without Selection. Form and Function by Autoevolution (Elsevier: Amsterdam, New York, Oxford, 1998); 3 special issues of the review ATRIUM (1/2007 on Evolution, 1/2008 on Science and Hope, 2/2008 on Art and Sacred); co-author of the definitions "Biourbanism" and "P2P (Peer-To‐Peer) Urbanism".

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