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= German Commons advocate affiliated with the Oekonux and the Keimform group



Stefan Meretz, Berlin, Germany, *1962. Ph.D. in material science, diploma in computer science, web infrastructure manager at german united services union (ver.di), managing free software projects. Research of political economy of peer production and member of the Oekonux (Economy & GNU/Linux) network. Teaching German Critical Psychology. Co-founder of the Keimform blog (, a blog investigating germ forms of a new commons-based society. Running several web projects (, member of Facebook.

Recommended publications

Text about the intrinsic motivation in peer-commons projects, which is called "Selbstentfaltung" in german:

- Selbstentfaltung (english)

Series of articles about Peer Production and Societal Transformation:

- Peer Production and Societal Transformation

Slides from a talk at the Open Knowledge Conference 2011:

- Understanding Commons and Peer Production

Discussion of the relationship between »Zeitgeist« and the Commons:

- »Zeitgeist« and Commons

Ten Theses About Global Commons Movement:

- Ten Theses About Global Commons Movement

Slidecast of a talk at the International Commons Conference 2010 in Berlin:

- The Generative Logic of the Commons

Text about a statistical analysis, that two third of the wealth is produced non-economically:

- Productive pigs and unproductive children

Text about commons as a part of a goods taxonomy:

- Commons in a taxonomy of goods

Debate on the question whether open money is a strategic liberator or not:

- The question of transition and the role of money

List of English-language Keimform articles, many of them about the commons: