Brian Davey

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"I studied economics 1967-1973 at Nottingham University. I then helped set up a number of projects including a research and resource centre for trade unions and community groups in Nottingham. From the 1980s I was development worker in a community mental health project, co-developing a community garden . In 1996 I worked at the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau showing how to do community work in East Germany. In 1990s I became interested in local economic development in a network developed by colleagues at the TU Berlin. In 2003 I joined Feasta, the Irish based Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, joining their climate and energy working group. With Feasta I co-developed the idea of “cap and share,” a commons-based approach to controlling greenhouse gas emissions. From 2007 I have worked freelance as an ecological economist - including editing a book, published by Feasta, called Sharing for Survival."