Tommaso Fattori

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= participant of the Europe Commons Deep Dive workshop



Tommaso Fattori is a founding member of the Italian Forum of Water Movements and was also one of the promoters of the successful referendum on water held in Italy in June 2011. In January 2011 he was elected director of Transform-Italia, where he coordinates the research project on the Commons. He is also a member of the Firenze 10+10 organising committee.


"Tommaso Fattori is one of the "ambassadors" of the ECI on "Water as a Human Right", one of the promoters of the successful Italian Referendum against the privatisation of public services, a founding member of the European Water Movement and of the Italian Forum of Water Movements. He is also director of Transform!Italia and expert consultant to the Council of Europe on the project "Human Rights of People experiencing Poverty". In 2013 he authored: "Commons: Natural commons, social justice and environmental justice" (Trends in Social Cohesion, Council of Europe Publ ishing) ; "From the Water Commons Movement to the Commonification of the Public Realm" (South Atlantic Quarterly, Duke University Press); "Commons and Commonification of Public Services" (Trends in social Cohesion, Council of Europe Publishing) and co-authored "Living in Dignity in the XXIst Century. Poverty and Inequalities in Societies of Human Rights: the paradox of democracies" (Council of Europe Publishing)."