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= director of the documentary Occupying the Commons


"Saki is an IUC Faculty Member and Lecturer in Human Rights & International & Foreign Legal Research. She is also the Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Political Economy & Law and a Research Fellow. She received her Juris Doctor from UC Hastings with an emphasis in International & Comparative Law. In her last year at Hastings she studied Comparative Latin American legal systems and International Trade Policy at the Universidad Católica de la Santissima Concepción, Chile. Her current areas of research are in International Human Rights & Comparative Law. She is currently conducting a Common Core of European Private Law study on “Access to Commons” and is also a general editor of the book together with Ugo Mattei and Filippo Valguarnera. Between 2004-2006, she assisted a study on Access to Justice on behalf of the Academie Internationale Droit Comparé, Paris and from 2008-2010 she was a Visitor of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton. Her work experience includes property, immigration and environmental law in the private sector and immigration law and development work in the government and nonprofit sector."[1]


Recent publications include:

  • “Social Movements as Constituent Power: The Italian Struggle for the Commons.” Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (spring 2013, coauthored with Ugo Mattei) &
  • “Legalizing the Occupation: The Teatro Valle as a Cultural Commons.” South Atlantic Quarterly 112:2 (spring 2013). She is also Director of “Occupying the Commons: Teatro Valle Occupato.”