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I am an instructor in the Labour Studies Program at Simon Fraser University, near Vancouver, Canada, where I teach courses in Labour and the Environment and Collective Bargaining. I have been a peace and social justice advocate since the 1960s and have over 20 years of experience as an educator and social policy research consultant to unions, community organizations and local governments.

Since 1995 I have researched labour history and the history of economic thought on working time. My essay "Time on the Ledger: Social Accounting for the Good Society," which develops the concept of work as a common-pool resource, is forthcoming from Palgrave MacMillan in May 2013 in the anthology, Toward a Good Society in the Twenty-First Century Principles and Policies.

I also have publications in the Review of Social Economy, the Marshall Studies Bulletin and Working Time: International trends, theory and policy perspectives. I post as "Sandwichman" at the blog, Ecological Headstand and have completed a book manuscript titled, Jobs, Liberty and the Bottom Line.

More Information

  • contact via lumpoflabor(at)gmail(dot)com