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A list of things to do and issues, by Simon GrantUser:Asimong

As proposed by Michel, 2019-01-10

  • Deciding on uniform presentation format for all section pages
  • Creation of position statement on main issues related to the issue
  • Link to ‘Bauwens intro’ (maintaining link to full historical section introduction)
  • Create one visualization for each section, summarizing the field and with access to key wiki articles
  • Proposing a learning path
  • Proposing a creative use of select quotes available on the page
  • Cleaning empty and ‘almost empty’ categories

January 2019

  • delete broken redirects for logic pages (not P2P related) — done
  • delete pages that start with "- " — done
  • check (with Maia) and delete French pages "Page à supprimer" – done
  • find any other pages marked for deletion – done
  • develop a quick "template" (not a mediawiki template) to drop in when adding people
  • start thinking about community management issues
    • find all users without active e-mail addresses, and freeze them?
    • find users who have added unclaimed / uncited material and remind them of wiki guidelines?
    • maybe, invite contributors into small groups with some common geography or interest?
    • establish an onboarding / apprenticeship / mentoring scheme
  • develop a draft category template User:Asimong/Category_Essentials
    • The Essential Idea
    • Key Quotes
    • Here is an Introduction by Michel Bauwens to Category Name
    • Key Concepts to Understand
      • and where to find out more if you don't understand them (which could be here or elsewhere)
    • Useful Learning Resources (here on the wiki)
      • set out in sections that present the key message
      • with some idea of levels

June 2019

In each case, look first to check if there is a Wikipedia page. E.g. Wikipedia: Circular economy

Deletion or categories and templates

Now deleted:

and other related templates

testing columns

Col 1

Col 2

Col 1

Col 2

Col 3