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How do we re-inject equitable relationships, towards humans and the planet, into market relations ?

Adam Arvidsson's work is closely related to P2P Foundation thinking, in terms of analysis. His foundational essay is Valuing the Ethical Economy and his earlier writing is reflected in a book on the Ethical Economy.

As he explains:

"We use the term 'ethical economy' not because we think that present productive conditions are necessarily nicer or more socially conscious, but because the economy of technologically enhanced networks of cooperation puts the ethical dimension of human existence directly to work."

His last book looks at how the commons emerged in the 12th century, for example in the forms of guilds, and how they influenced the market economy until the 15th century, including 'ethical economy' based thinking in the Italian city-states, and how a nee period is emerging today, in which the declining middle class of the North, and the upcoming poor in the Global South, are creating 'capital poor, labour intensive' models, using the commons to create a new kind of capitalism that works for them. See: Changemakers. The Industrious Future of the Digital Economy.

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  • The Ethical Economy page describes both the book of that name and the concept.

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