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The transition to a peer-to-peer (P2P) society implies that our relationships become less hierarchical (in the context of domination hierarchies, not hierarchies of empowerment), and increasingly between equals ; that is, between peers. Power is diffused and more 'distributed' across society. In the understanding of the P2P Foundation, we are in a transitional period towards a system that can act within planetary boundaries, which also require a form of social equity. This is achieved through the model of a commons-centric society. This doesn't require abolishing the other forms of allocation which have existed in tandem for 5,000 years, i.e. commoning, the gift economy, redistribution (the state) and market allocation, but a new equilibrium amongst them, and a evolution from a market-centric capitalist society, to a commons-centric post-capitalist society.

The pages in this category involve, in some way or other, the question of how we are getting there or what it would be like. There are many insights to be had from previous transitions in society between one system and another.

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