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This Commons Transition category relates to projects that are specifically or more loosely related to a commons-oriented transition for our political economy, society, and civilizational model.

Key Quotes

"The commons are in the midst of a “double transition,”. On the one hand, the resources at stake are often abundant and immaterial—think personal data generated by social media networks or activity sensors—as opposed to scarce and material—like water and grazing land."

- Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico [1]

Key Concepts of This Category

How can we transition from a society centered around the capitalist market, to a society that would be commons centric ?

Useful learning resources


  • Commons Transition Stories contains a selection of featured essays, interviews and texts on Commons Transition projects and related initiatives, many of them suitable for general introductory reading.

More resources are linked from the Commons Transition summary page (which used to serve as this category page).

Deeper Study

P2P Foundation Material

  • The second important document is focusing on urban commons, which are at this stage, mostly about mutualizing the distribution of provisioning systems through shared resources. See our report: CHANGING SOCIETIES THROUGH URBAN COMMONS TRANSITIONS, also called the Commons Transition Plan for the City of Ghent. See the original Dutch-language report; also available in a [ English translation]
  • Our third important report examines the socio-technical infrastructures, at cosmo-local scale, needed for this transition in our productive and (pre)distributive systems. See: P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival: Towards a P2P Infrastructure for a Socially Just Circular Society. By Michel Bauwens and Alex Pazaitis. Foreword by Kate Raworth. P2P Foundation, June 2019.

Related Categories

  • Category: Commons is a broader category dealing with the Commons more generally, and in principle.
  • Category: P2P Transition is an overlapping smaller category, relating to similar issues, more from the perspective of process (P2P) rather than substance (Commons).

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