Daniel Pinchbeck et al. on the Transition to a New and Sustainable Planetary Culture

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Video via https://vimeo.com/100531704


"Recent reports on the climate reveal that human civilization is on a collision course with the Earth. Meanwhile, our global infrastructure of governments, supranational organizations, and charitable foundations seems incapable of addressing the crisis, which requires conservation, adaptation, and mitigation. What kind of system change is possible?

How do we understand and contribute to this change? What practical steps can we take as individuals and in our communities?

  • Carne Ross is an author and an independent diplomat (carneross.com).
  • Peter Buffett is an Emmy Award winning musician, composer, and philanthropist (peterbuffett.com).
  • Daniel Pinchbeck is a best-selling author and Executive Director of Center for Planetary Culture (planetaryculture.com)."