Distributed Networks, Transformational Communities and the New Monastics

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* Article: A Note on the New Monastics: Distributed Networks and Transformational Communities. Jeremy D. Johnson.

URL = https://www.academia.edu/12584585/A_Note_on_the_New_Monastics_Distributed_Networks_and_Transformational_Communities

"Originally Published on Reality Sandwich. December, 2014"


"This article was originally published on Reality Sandwich magazine, December 2014. While I’m taking a break from today’s North American festivities – and take a look here to get my opinion on ‘Turkey Day’ – I wanted to leave a note for Kingsley L. Dennis and his recent blog on Reality Sandwich, ‘The Rise of the New Monastic,’ an excerpt from his recently published book The Phoenix Generation. (1) It hit home with me and I found it to be a notable contribution to the collaborative efforts of Evolver, The Evolver Network (Evolver’s non-profit initiative, soon to take public flight. See our recent Decolonize Consciousness) and other similar endeavors that make up the loose confederation of what has been dubbed ‘transformational culture.’