Territories of Commons in Europe as Niches of a Much Needed Transition

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* Article: Territories of commons in Europe. Niches of a much needed transition. By Jose Luis Vivero Pol. May 2019 In book: Our commons. Political ideas for a New Europe.

URL = http://www.commonsnetwork.org/ourcommons/

"An account of resilient and surviving "territories of commons" in Europe, where food is produced by self-regulated collective actions, where biodiversity is stewarded and European traditions are preserved. The commons are still very relevant to the more sustainable and fairer food production in the decades to come. This book is about the political relevance of the commons, and this chapter focuses on food-as-commons and the territories where that food is produced in common."

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* Book: Our Commons: Political Ideas for a New Europe. Ed. by Sophie Bloemen and Thomas de Groot. Commons Network, 2019

URL = https://www.commonsnetwork.org/ourcommons/

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