Great Transition Initiative

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By Giuseppe Feola and Sylvia Jaworska:

"Great transition (GTI) (Raskin et al. 2002) is a vision of a just and sustainable global future, and sets out to identify the requirements for a transition to a sustainable global society. The elements of the Great Transition proposal include egalitarian social and ecological values, increased human interconnectedness, improved quality of life, a healthy planet, and an absence of poverty and war. The term Great Transition originally emerged from the Global Scenario Group, an international meeting of scientists that was convened by the Tellus Institute and the Stockholm Environment Institute in 1995. GTI compares six alternative scenarios through narratives of plausible futures. The Great Transition scenario entails the establishment of new normative foundation based on the values of human solidarity, quality of life, and ecological sensibility to replace current individualism, consumerism, and domination of nature. Governance and economic institutions are to be redesigned upon this normative foundation. Given the complexity of interrelated social–ecological issues at multiple scales and levels, GTI calls for a global citizen movement to bring about systemic change." (

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