Michel Bauwens on the Commons for Systemic, Organisational, Personal Transformation

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=GVgZczNFcpE&feature=emb_logo


"On March 22-23, Michel Bauwens was invited to a lecture co-organized by the German section of the SMart cooperative, which organizes freelance workers for mutual solidarity, and by Supermarkt, one of the more dynamic ‘third places’ in Berlin. This interview that took place on March 23 is a very relaxed conversation with Ela Kagel and Thomas Doennebrink, platform coop advocates and coordinators of the activities of Supermarkt, and is a good summary of how our insights (of the P2P Foundation) have evolved over the last decade. Michel Bauwens considers it as one of his best interviews. This first part focuses on the systemic changes that are a precondition for a societal transition that combines the sharing of knowledge, the mutualization of vital resources to diminish our human footprint, a fair distribution of resources, and sustainable production methods that take into consideration our planetary boundaries. The crucial shift towards biocapacity accountability, a concept introduced by James Quilligan and being developed by the Reporting 3.0 network, is explained."