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Pointers to printed interviews.

  1. Excellent for beginners, a lively explanation of the vision: Robin Good interviews Michel Bauwens on the P2P Society
  2. We particularly recommend Richard Poynder's continuing series of in-depth interviews with the pioneers of open/free culture, at (with updates in his Open and Shut blog. Richard Poynder is interviewed himself in this podcast interview by Sundar Raman.
  3. Here's an in-depth interview on the 'personal'background to P2P Theory, at
  4. Theoretical and political points are best expressed here: Cosma Orsi interviews Michel Bauwens on P2P Politics

Key Interviews

  1. Christopher Kelty on the Culture of Free Software
  2. Christopher Spehr on Out-cooperating Empire
  3. George Dafermos on the Peer Governance of Open Source Projects. Interview conducted by Michel Bauwens and Neal Gorenflo for Shareable magazine. [1]

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