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  • Name: WS_Name::HackYourPhD
  • URL: WS_URL::http://hackyourphd.org/en
  • [[WS_Description::"Hack your Phd" launched in December 2012 in France, brings together a diverse Community around the issues of Open Science and Open Knowledge. It gathers mostly young scientists (PhD students; post-docs; researchers) but also other profiles like designers and social entrepreneurs.]].
  • Start date: 2013/01/14.
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Since december 2012, we have constituted a daily collaborative curation about Open Science with a Facebook group of more than 500 members (september 2013) (in French and English). We also organize workshops about the new practices in research. The central idea is to use the collective intelligence emerging from the different horizons represented in our community through the new tools from science and open education. HackYourPhd wants to show that new ways of doing research exist, and can both benefit research itself but the relationship between science and society as well.

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http://hackyourphd.org OpenScience tour across the USA : http://hackyourphd.org/USA TED talk : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpe0qh_HKJE Open Science interviews : hackyourphd.org/soundwall

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