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Today is the P2P WikiSprint, a coordinated effort to map P2P initiatives in Latin America and Spain. Official website

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  1. Request an account to participate in this wiki
  2. Check the inclusion criteria and pick a topic, experience or project to document in the wiki.
  3. Login with your user and use the box in the right to start your article.
  4. After you complete the article creation form you will be able to create translation in other languages using the box at the top of the article page.
  5. We expect that each participant will add, at least, 3 new entries to the wiki.

Criteria (for inclusion)

In very general terms, you are welcome to include any project that has a significant participative or collaborative aspect. We aim to find such projects that redefine the way business is done and how the market operates; the way government is done or how the state operates; the way society functions and how civil society operates. The latter includes the wide field of cultural expression as well.

More strictly defined, this is what defines peer production projects in the narrow sense:

  • open input: contributions must be ‘permissionless’
  • participatory production and governance process: contributors must have a say ; transparency and openness of the collaborative processes
  • commons-oriented output: the results of the collaborative must be shareable, i.e. use of commons-oriented licences

However, for the purpose of the projects, which is also interested in all hybrid and mixed projects that invite external collaboration, these criteria should be seen as polarities.

Projects that enter within the scope of this mapping project are:

  • commons-based peer production
  • open innovation, co-creation, co-design
  • crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  • participatory governance and political projects such as participatory legislation, planning, budgetting
  • projects focused on openness, such as open data etc ..
  • projects focused on wider inclusion and participation of broader layers of the population
  • ethical economy projects where profit-making is subsumed to wider “for-benefit” considerations, i.e. social economy, ethical economy, solidarity economy
  • any project involving a measure of mutualization of knowledge (open source, free licenses) and infrastructure (collaborative consumption) ; including workplaces (coworking, hackerspaces, fablabs, etc ..)
  • projects involving distributed infrastructures such as meshworks for communication, distributed machinery such as 3D Printing
  • political and social movements that support any of the above

What we would like to find

  • the best p2p/collaborative/participative blogs in the Spanish-speaking world
  • the best p2p/collaborative/participative Facebook and other Social Media group pages, especially on alternative social media,
  • the best p2p/collaborative/participative twitter feeds
  • the best public intellectuals, grassroots individuals and groups, and thinkers/doers in this area
  • the best books and articles, including eBooks on the topic
  • the best audio and video material
  • the best resource directories including other mapping initiatives

WikiSprint gatherings

We encourage the participants of the WikiSprint to meet together and organize a workshop in their cities. If you do so, please add your WikiSprint gathering to the following list:

  1. 2013 Spanish Wikisprint March 20 List of Participating Cities

The above list is kept up to date here: [1]