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  • [[WS_Description::University takes up a lot of your time, and if it doesn't, you're doing something wrong. Obviously I can only vouch for studying Physics, but i'm sure it'll be the same across every department. When I first started my course, we were given module specification papers, which bullet point how each module is broken down and an overall description of the module. In addition, it contained the amount of hours spent in lectures/workshops/labs etc, as well as the amount of hours that you should be spending studying the module outside of uni.]].
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Why do I need Unisocs?

1. Talks

With our discussion pages, students will be able to pose questions about anything course-related, from timetable queries to trouble with a homework question, and receive help from all students within their specific department. Thus enabling a greater degree of communication within all students within a subject department, including those students in higher years who were once in your exact position.

2. Tracking

With our tracking tools, you can keep on top of your workload and quickly see at a glance when important events such as class tests, assignment submissions and homework deadlines are.

3. Leaderboards

You can also record hours of work done and gain badges and awards for your efforts. Level up by gaining points and see where you rank in our Departmental, Whole University and Regional University leaderboards.

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