Leading for Wellbeing

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URL = http://natcapsolutions.org/leading-for-wellbeing/


Sandra Waddock:

"This coalition of thought leaders is attempting to develop a new, counter-narrative to the neoliberal narrative, one that emphasizes an economy (and societies) in service to life with dignity and wellbeing for all at the core. It is still early days for this initiative, however, the general idea is to create a new narrative and set of associated memes to which the wide range of initiatives that are already working for constructive change towards a better world can potentially coalesce around, so that new stories, narratives, ideas, and memes support the types of actions that are needed for the world’s people and institutions to move in directions of flourishing and wellbeing for all or what is coming to be called an economy in service to life. Think of new memes for economies and societies in service to life that include and, as a colleague said, transcend the existing ones, like: flourishing or wellbeing for all, fair markets, responsibility for the whole, collective responsibility, effective governance, glocalism, as examples." (GTI mailing list, October 2016)