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This category is dedicated to the work of Christian Siefkes. His efforts to help realize the future of Peereconomy are formulated in his book From Exchange to Contributions.

Full text of the book is available via

Introduction: Christian Siefkes on Distributed Commons-based Peer Production as Self-Organized Plenty

Key Resources

The book:

  1. English edition: Christian Siefkes. From Exchange to Contributions: Generalizing Peer Production into the Physical World. Edition C. Siefkes, Berlin, 2007. ISBN 978-3-940736-00-0.
  2. German translation: Christian Siefkes. Beitragen statt tauschen. Materielle Produktion nach dem Modell Freier Software. AG SPAK Bücher, Neu-Ulm, 2008. ISBN 978-3-930830-99-2. Full text:

Important links:

  1. Central site from Christian Siefkes, at
  2. Posts tagged as peer-economy from the Keimform Blog (contains articles in German and English).

Important reviews:

  1. Review by Stefan Meretz: Peer Economy: A Transition Concept. Translation of a German-language article from the Vienna journal Streifzüge, No. 41
  2. Critical review by Stefan Merten:

Presentation of his book

  1. Towards an Economy of Contributions Part one
  2. Towards an Economy of Contributions Part two

Selections from the P2P Foundation blog

  1. Effort Sharing vs. Market Allocation
  2. On the difference between a Peer Economy and a Market Economy
  3. On Money and State Forms in the Peer Economy
  4. On possession, not property, as the basis of the Commons
  5. On Decision Making and Conflict Resolution in Material Peer Production
  6. On Local Associations for Organizing Material Peer Production
  7. On Distribution Pools
  8. On Distributing Effort through Weighting Labor
  9. On Hint-based Stigmergic Systems
  10. Understanding Material Peer Production