Abundance vs. Scarcity Mentality

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From a graph by Penny Tremblay at http://www.northernlightspresentations.com/articles/AbundanceMentality.htm

Abundance Mentality

  1. Victory means success that brings mutually beneficial results to all involved.
  2. Recognizes unlimited opportunities for positive growth and development.
  3. Realizes that there are three ways to do things, my way, your way and a better way.
  4. Appreciates the uniqueness of others.

Scarcity Mentality

  1. Victory means success at the expense of someone else.
  2. Difficulty showing happiness for the success of others including family, friends and business associates.
  3. Difficulty sharing credit, recognition, power and profit.
  4. Difficulty being a team player because differences in opinion are perceived as disloyalty.


From an article by Penny Tremblay at http://www.northernlightspresentations.com/articles/AbundanceMentality.htm

"Do you know anyone who spends a lot of time and energy competing with others or putting people down verbally because they fear that that person is better than they are?

Are you the type of person who battles their weight, but insists on eating every last morsel of food on your plate because you don't want to waste?

Or perhaps you can think of someone who has a relationship conflict of some type, and is struggling for an answer of what is the right thing to do.

In these three brief examples, having an "Abundance Mentality" mindset will help overcome the challenges that many of us are faced with on a regular basis.

An Abundance Mentality basically means being of the mindset that there is plenty out there for everyone. There are many benefits to having a mentality that is secure and confident that there is plenty for all, and my mission with this article is to point out these benefits in order to help you to think "Win/Win" when making choices and decisions.

What would our lives be like if we changed our thinking to be in sync with a mentality of abundance? Examples of this mindset would be to believe that the world has fruit for all, that there is plenty to go around, that there is a lot of room at the top, that we are beneath no one and superior to no one. If we could develop this mentality, we would free ourselves from fear, we would be immune to criticism, and we would experience ultimate freedom in our minds and in our hearts.

Our lives will change for the better if we adopt this mentality, and our behavior will be more in line with achieving our own definition of success.

Let's look at the characteristics of an Abundance Mentality, versus the opposite, which is known as the "Scarcity Mentality", where people believe that there is only one pie in the world and you've got to fight to get your piece of it.

The Scarcity Mentality is limiting. It may seem like a good plan at first, but over time too much energy is wasted on conflict, negative thinking, and stifled creativity. On the other hand, the Abundance Mentality is beyond one's ego. It's fearless, it's free, and it's immune to criticism. It is beneath no one and superior to no one. It is full of magic.

What are the benefits of an Abundance Mentality? When it comes to human interaction, characteristics of integrity, maturity, and an Abundance Mentality have the ability to create Win/Win situations for all parties involved.

Win/Win is a thought process of both the mind and the heart that continuously seeks mutual benefit in human interaction. With a Win/Win frame of mind, all parties involved feel good about the solutions, agreements, and decisions because they are mutually beneficial for everyone involved. In this way of thinking, emphasis is put upon cooperation, not competition." (http://www.northernlightspresentations.com/articles/AbundanceMentality.htm)