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This wiki page serves as a placeholder. Its intent is to collect information on existing Gift Economy/Resource-Based Economy Implementations as well as principles and approaches for desired Gift Economy Software. The goals are:

  • to create a simple and accessible platform with little developmental effort first so we can start gaining a user base and testing soon. One of the first testing candidates might be the member organisations of the Technate (Raffael)
  • to develop ideas for knowledge representation and knowledge sharing protocols (ibu)


  • Presentation by Elf Pavlik on Polyeconomy at Easterhegg Basel 2012: Link

Individuals currently interested in a Gift Economy Software implementation:

  • Raffael_Kéménczy
  • ibu radempa (disclaimer: I'm in no way aligned to technocratic ideas or any other form of power exertex by humans over humans)

Step-by-step structure

I'd like to propose a structure roughly like this (ibu):

Knowledge representation

(How) Should the domain of knowledge be restricted?
The diversity of the knowledge used in economical activities is so big that it practically cannot be restricted.
How is knowledge represented?
Alternative 1:
Knowledge is modelled (ontologically) as classes (patterns), instances (+copies) and relations, cf. cosmopool

Knowledge sharing protocol

Who are the cooperating entities? Groups or individuals?
Will the lowest common denominator protocol 'win'?

Software architectures

Completely P2P, or client-server?

Software packages

Programming langugages?

User-user interaction

How can the software contribute to a culture shift among real persons?