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1. Raffael Kemenczy writes:

The Technate was established in 2009 by the European Organisation for Sustainability (EOS).

"The term “Technate” refers to an operational area where the resources, means of production and other technical aspects of a civilization come under the management of technical experts. A Technate works through a distributed, holonic power structure, where technical decisions are made at the local level by those with the necessary technical expertise. All social decisions are being made in a direct democratic, consensus-driven process.

The Technate exists today as network of co-operating but inherently autonomous non-profit organisations working towards similar goals of a money-less and sustainable socio-economic system. The overall goal is the assurance of the highest possible quality of life for all humans for the longest time possible. Organisations within the Technate collaborate to further their specific goals and to mutually reinforce each other. It is currently administrated by EOS to facilitate cooperation and communications.

The Technate website - in common ownership and completely automated, serves as a platform for communication, coordination and collaboration amongst the group members. The vision is that this group will form a cooperative of non-profit organisations which will, trough the effects of synergy, help create our common sustainable future."


"The term Technate was originated by Technocracy Incorporated in the early 1930s to describe the region over which a technocratic society would operate using thermodynamic energy accounting instead of a price system (money) method. All resources and industry of this land region would be used to provide an abundance of goods and services, within a sustainable ecological context, to its citizens under the program Energy Accounting.

According to technocrats, a technate cannot simply be set up anywhere like a modern-day country; it has several requirements that must be met in order for it to operate:

  1. There must be sufficient natural resources.
  2. There must be an existing industrial and scientific base from which to operate the Technate.
  3. There must be a sufficient amount of trained personnel for its operation.

According to Technocracy Inc., presently the North American continent is known to be able to fully meet the basic requirements needed to operate a Technate, although other land areas could attempt it, with varying results, depending on the required conditions of energy conversion. The design is intended to transform North American society, and replace the current Price system." (