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The following people participated in the preparatory 'deep dive' workshops for the Economics of the Commons Conference.

For detailed information including reports on the deep dive workshops, see:

  1. Asia Commons Deep Dive
  2. Europe Commons Deep Dive
  3. Latin America Commons Deep Dive


Europe Commons Deep Dive participants:

  1. Nicole Alix France Paris
  2. Marco Berlinguer Italy Rome [email protected]
  3. Giacomo D'Alisa Spain Barcelona [email protected]
  4. Brian Davey UK Nottingham [email protected]
  5. Danijela Dolenec Croatia ZAGREB [email protected]
  6. Tommaso Fattori Italy Firenze (or Pisa) [email protected]
  7. Charlotte Hess USA NY [email protected]
  8. Wojtek Kalinowski France PARIS [email protected]
  9. Hervé Le Crosnier
  10. Lawrence Lohmann UK GILLINGHAM, DORSET, UK [email protected]
  11. Stefan Meretz Germany BERLIN [email protected]
  12. Pat Mooney Canada Ottawa [email protected]
  13. Michael Narberhaus Germany Köln [email protected]
  14. Georgios Papanikolaou Greece Athens [email protected]
  15. Andrew Paterson (Finland) Helsinki agryfp [-at-] 16
  16. Stefano Rodotà Italy ROME [email protected]
  17. Enric Senabre Hidalgo Spain Barcelona [email protected]
  18. Hilary Wainwright, UK [email protected]

Latin America Commons Deep Dive:

  1. Alain Ambrosi, Canadá
  2. Xavier Basurto, México
  3. Carolina Botero, Colombia
  4. Santiago Hoerth, Costa Rica
  5. Gustavo Marín, Chile
  6. Conrado Marquez, México
  7. Rubén Martínez Moreno, España
  8. Leticia Merino, México
  9. Camila Moreno, Brazil
  10. Elizabeth Peredo Beltrán, Bolivia
  11. Gustavo Salas, Venezuela

Asia Commons Deep Dive:

  1. Soma Parthasarathy is a Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and commons scholar who studies women and subsistence
  2. Prabir Purkayashta Prabkant ; member of the People's Science Network Forum, co-author of the statement on the commons in the Porto Alegre/Rio+20 process (People Summit)
  3. Jose Ramos, Melbourne, Australia, author of a PhD on the nine schools of thought in the alterglobalization movement; is preparing a global documentary on commoners
  4. Hendro Sangkoyo, Indonesia, cofounder and principal researcher at the School of Democratic Economics
  5. Luo Shihong, from Guizhou Institute of Highland Development (GIHD), NGO activist affiliated with Chengdu Shuguang Community Development Capacity Building Center ; a natural resource commoner from China
  6. Prue Taylor; Prue Taylor is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Planning, University of Auckland, New Zealand. ; environmental ethics, law and governance; co-author Rio 1992 “Earth Charter”
  7. Roberto Verzola, Philippine economist, agri-activist, green party, studies abundance/scarcity issues and has a particular focus on both natural and digital commons;