Leticia Merino

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In English

I hold a PHD in Anthropology, a masters in Sociology and a Masters on Population. I studied the last masters at Jawarharla Nehru University, in India.I have also studies in Political Sciences an in Natural Resources.

For the last 12 years I have worked as a researcher and teacher on social sciences and environmental issues, focusing in forest resources. I enterd the National Autonomus University in 1994, previously I worked in different academic institutions in Mexico. For most of my professional life I have been teacher and researcher.

I have coordinated various research project on forest resources in Mexico, specially on community forestry in different communities and regions in Mexico, and also on the impact of public policies in communities'institutions and practices of natural resource management. As a result of this work I have published 2 books and several articles in Mexico and abroad.

I am funding member of Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultura Sostenible, an NGO working since 9 years ago on forest certification in Mexico and Central America.

Four years ago I started working in coolaboration with the Workshop on Political Theory and Policy Analysis, at Indiana University, coordinated by dr. Elinor Ostrom. The coolaboration with dr. Ostrom and her team enabled myself and my research team to cary on research on institutional problems related to natural resource practices. I have promoted the translation of her main book, Governing the Commons.

Also four years ago I have started directing PHD and masters thesis on the field.

I have been consultant for the Workd Bank, Ford Foundation and FAO, on forest problems, policies and strategies for sustainable management.

I find my field the most interesting and hope to continue working all the time on how communities of users are able (or unable) to built agreements, to maintain and monitor them, as a key elemnt for sustainability.

I am the current president of the IASC.

In Spanish

Tengo familiaridad con la escuela de Ostrom (y un inmenso cariño por su memoria) he traducido al español "El Gobierno de los Bienes Comunes" y recientemente "Trabajar Juntos" libro póstumo sobre metodología de la investigación sobre bienes comunes y acción colectiva. He trabajado por años bosques comunitarios y bosques como commons, biodiversidad y más recientemente clima como bien (o mal) común global) y desarrollo rural territorial con migrantes como estrategia de reconstrucción de comunidades y bienes comunes. Organizé en X Congreso de la IASC en 2004 en Oaxaca, desde entonces soy miembro del Council de la IASC, he sido miembro de los comités organizadores de la XII y XIII conferencias de la IASC y de la II Conferencia Regional Norteamericana. Soy presidenta electa de la IASC.