Michael Narberhaus

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= participant in the Europe Commons Deep Dive


"Michael Narberhaus, Convenor Smart CSOs Lab Michael is the convenor of the Smart CSOs Lab, an international network of civil society leaders, academics and funders aiming to develop and put into practice strategies that embrace the cultural and systemic root causes lying behind the social and environmental crises of our times. Always working at the interface between research and practice, Michael has initiated and led a variety of projects aimed at developing strategies for a sustainable economy, among others working for WWF-UK,’s Sustainable Consumption Team. He has an academic background in economics and business and worked several years in the private sector before developing a passion for research and strategising for a socially and environmentally sustainable economy. Increasingly during the last few years his interest has shifted toward the question of how change agents in civil society can improve their strategies and have a greater impact in their pursuit of a Great Transition."