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January 2012

  1. The Will of the Many: How the Alterglobalisation Movement is Changing the Face of Democracy. Marianne Maeckelbergh. Pluto Press, 2009 - January 1, 2012
  2. A Theory of Power. Jeff Vail. 2004 - January 3, 2012
  3. NaturesScope. Unlocking Our Natural Empathy and Creativity. By Alan Rayner. O-Books, 2011 - January 5, 2012
  4. Guy Standing, The Precariat. The new dangerous class (Bloomsbury Academic 2011), viii, 198p - January 7, 2012
  5. The Information Diet. Clay Johnson. January 14, 2012
  6. Life Without Money; Building Fair and Sustainable Economies. Co-edited by Anitra Nelson and Frans Timmerman. - January 16, 2012
  7. Betterness: Economics for Humans. by Umair Haque. Harvard Business Press Books, 2011 - January 18, 2012
  8. People Power and Political Change - January 20, 2012
  9. From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg
  10. Too Big to Know. David Weinberger
  11. Consent of the Networked. The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom. Rebecca MacKinnon
  12. Triumph of the Commons
  13. Sharing_Economy_as_a_Way_Out_of_the_Crisis

February 2012

  1. Code Wars
  2. How_to_Get_What_You_Want_Through_Community_Self-Government
  3. Occupying Wall Street
  4. The Leaderless Revolution
  5. Urban Food Revolution
  6. No Straight Lines
  7. Digitally Enabled Social Change
  8. Social Media Reader
  9. The Art of Community
  10. Life's Economic Survival Protocol
  11. Sharing (Book)
  12. Open Advice
  13. Third Industrial Revolution

March 2012

  1. Emergence of an Economy of Communion
  2. Solidarity Networks Transforming Globalisation‎‎
  3. Collaborate - The Art of We
  4. Configuring the Networked Self
  5. Future We Deserve
  6. Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science. Michael Nielsen. Princeton University Press, 2011 [1]
  7. Semantic Sphere 1. Computation, Cognition and the Information Economy. Pierre Levy

April 2012

  1. Bernard Lietaer and Stephen Belgin. New Money for a New World. 2012
  2. Law of the Ecological Commons David Bollier.
  3. Faith of the Faithless. Simon Critchley, How Politics is Rooted in the Spiritual
  4. Occupy World Street
  5. Raúl Zibechi. Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces. AK Press, 2010.
  6. After the Future
  7. Sharing for Survival: Restoring the Climate, the Commons and Society. Feasta, 2012
  8. Networks Without a Cause, A Critique of Social Media. by Geert Lovink. Polity Press, 2012
  9. Doing Good Things Better. Brian Martin. Irene Publishing, 2011
  10. Future Learning Spaces
  11. Richard Sennett. Together: The Rituals, Pleasures, and Politics of Cooperation. Yale University Press, 2012.
  12. Foundations of a Love Economy
  13. Networked: The New Social Operating System
  14. The End of Leadership

May 2012

  1. Digital Public Domain
  2. Ethics for the Information Age (5th Edition)
  3. Abundance - The Future Is Better Than You Think
  4. Digital Vertigo
  5. Misunderstanding the Internet
  6. Open Source Intelligence in a Networked World. by Anthony Olcott
  7. The Neighborhood in the Internet: Design Research Projects in Community Informatics

  1. Cloud Time
  2. Green Governance, Human Rights, and the Commons

June 2012

  1. Towards Peer Production in Public Services
  2. Occupy This
  3. Case for Copyright Reform
  4. Money and Sustainability
  5. Life Changing
  6. Occupy Consciousness: Essays on the Global Insurrection. Evolver, 2012. [2]
  7. Interop: The Promise and Perils of Highly Interconnected Systems. Byh John Palfrey and Urs Gasser. Basic Books, 2012
  8. Promise of Regional Currencies
  9. Divine Right of Capital
  10. Zapotec Science
  11. Economic Democracy in the Network Century
  12. Redvolution, see also the excerpts

July 2012

# Open Source Everything Manifesto

August 2012

  1. Media Ecosystem
  2. Positive Linking
  3. Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous and the Global Cyber Insurgency
  4. Intention Economy, only: [3]
  5. The Organic Internet. May First / People Link. [4]
  6. Paul Mason's "Why it’s Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions" (Verso)
  7. Energy and the Wealth of Nations
  8. Emergent Ownership Revolution

September 2012

  1. The P2P Mode of Production: An Indiano Manifesto.
  2. Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-state Economy
  3. Producism Manifesto

October 2012

  1. Peeragogy Handbook
  2. Promise of Regional Currencies
  3. Stuffed and Starved
  4. Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks
  5. Truth in the Age of Social Media
  6. Rebel Cities
  7. Tom Atlee. Empowering Public Wisdom: A Practical Vision of Citizen-Led Politics. EVOLVER EDITIONS/North Atlantic Books, 2012.
  8. Brett Frischmann. Infrastructure: Social Value of Shared Resources. Oxford University Press, 2012
  9. Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. By Howard Rheingold.
  10. Building Fair and Sustainable Economies
  11. Future Money
  12. Makers (nonfiction)
  13. The Shareholder Value Myth. Lynn Stout.
  14. Essays about Pirate Politics
  15. The Bubble and Beyond: The Road from Industrial Capitalism to Finance Capitalism and Debt Peonage. Essays on Fictitious Capital, Debt Deflation and the Global Crisis. Michael Hudson. ISLET, 2012.
  16. Spretnak, C. Relational Reality: New discoveries of Interrelatedness That Are Transforming the Modern World Topsham: Green Horizon Books, 2011
  17. Sharing for Survival
  18. Internet Success: A Study of Open-Source Software Commons. By Charles M. Schweik and Robert C. English. MIT Press, 2012.
  19. What Comes After Money
  20. Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy: Helping People Build Cooperatives, Social Enterprise, and Local Sustainable Economies. Janelle Orsi. SELC, 2012
  21. Digital Labor
  22. Cyberspace and the Self-Management of the Self
  23. Religion and Equality in Human Evolution Books: Robert Bellah. 1) Religion in Human Evolution
  24. Tweets and the Streets

November 2012

  1. Occupy Handbook
  2. Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior
  3. Abolishing Education and Liberating Creation
  4. Cultures and Ethics of Sharing
  5. Steven Johnson. Future, Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age
  6. Globalization of Communes
  7. Interface Effect
  8. Slow Democracy
  9. Local Dollars, Local Sense
  10. Lost Science of Money w/ long zarlenga speech!!
  11. The Relational State

December 2012

  1. Money and Sustainability, review by Hazel Henderson
  2. Corporation 2020
  3. The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World. By Christian Nold and Rob van Kranenburg. Situated Technologies Pamphlets 8: Spring 2011 [5]
  4. Designing for Transformation: Stories, principles and practical ways in which we can innovate to a better future (No Straight Lines Project). By Alan Moore
  5. Building a Stakeholder Society as an Alternative to the Market and the State