Will of the Many

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* Book: The Will of the Many: How the Alterglobalisation Movement is Changing the Face of Democracy. Marianne Maeckelbergh. Pluto Press, 2009

URL = http://www.plutobooks.com/display.asp?K=9780745329253


From the Publisher:

"Never before has the idea of democracy enjoyed the global dominance it holds today, but neoliberalism has left the practice of democracy in deep crisis.

Marianne Maeckelbergh argues that the most promising model for global democracy is not coming from traditional political parties or international institutions, but from the global networks of resistance to neoliberal economics, known collectively as the Alter-globalisation movement. Through extensive ethnography of decision-making practices within these movements, Maeckelbergh describes an alternative form of global democracy in the making." (http://www.plutobooks.com/display.asp?K=9780745329253)

About The Author

"Marianne Maeckelbergh is lecturer in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University, Netherlands and received her PhD from the University of Sussex. She has 15 years experience as an activist, organising and facilitating exactly the decision-making processes that lie at the heart of her study. Her other research interests include anthropological approaches to ‘identity’, ‘personhood’ and ‘agency’ in a context of global flows and urban social movements in India." (http://www.plutobooks.com/display.asp?K=9780745329253)