Case for Copyright Reform

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* Book: The Case for Copyright Reform. Rick Falkvinge and Christian Engström.

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Rick Falkvinge:

"The book is a compilation of the strongest articles on reform of the copyright monopoly from Christian Engström (MEP) and myself, edited into book format for readability and bedside-table friendliness for those who want the whole story in the same place and in an easy format.

It not only shows the problems with today’s situation, and traces them back to the history of the copyright monopoly, but also presents a comprehensive proposal detailing how things can be fixed, and shows how the proposal resolves the problems with today’s situation. The proposed solution is realistic and politically doable – not to mention that it has been picked up by the entire Green group in the European parliament.

The book also features parts from Mike Masnick (at Techdirt), Ernesto (at TorrentFreak), and Michael Geist (with acknowledgements)." (