Cyberspace and the Self-Management of the Self

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* Book: A CONNECTED ROOM OF ONE'S OWN. (Cyber)space and (self) management of the self. By Remedios Zafra. Translated by TOM SKIPP . Fórcola ediciones, 2012.

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From the publisher:

"A Connected Room of One’s Own is an insightful essay about intimacy, about the spaces of privacy and the Internet; a book which sets out to ponder the challenges new online habits and customs pose to creativity, politics, and the management of our personal identities. It brings a broad range of disciplines to the discussion –from anthropology and sociology to philosophy and politics– certain to be of interest to researchers working in the fields of online culture, feminism and identity/cultural studies."

Author Info

Remedios Zafra is Professor of Art and Innovation at the University of Seville. She has a PhD in Fine Arts and degrees in Art, Philosophy and Anthropology. She is author of numerous essays about feminism, identity and digital culture.

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