Abolishing Education and Liberating Creation

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* Manifesto: Abolishing Education and Liberating Creation. The Beginnings of a Manifesto and Practical Guide. Jeruviel Stardust Earthen-Hornbroth. (Pre-Release September 2012)

URL = http://freeuniverseity.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/abolishingeducationprerelease2.pdf


Excerpted from the draft introduction:

In order to manifest a world free of all oppressions, a world in which many worlds fit, we must simultaneously seek to abolish education—the concept, practice, and all of its institutions—and focus our energies on self-determination in our communities; we must abolish education and grow autonomous learning communities. To say "learning communities," as I understand the term community and the way people learn, is actually redundant—there is no such thing as a non-learning community. This is because people are always learning all of the time, since we learn by doing and living and through participating in a community we are necessarily in a constant state of doing and living. However, I have written the statement "autonomous learning communities" in order to alert the reader that by abolishing education, I am not advocating that people cease to learn—a serious cause for confusion considering how conflated the terms 'learning' and 'education' have become (indeed, one of the most common reactions I get when saying we must abolish education is people concerned that youth will not be able to learn what they need to know to survive). I may even consider the term "autonomous community," in the context of seeking an end to all oppressions, to be redundant as well inasmuch as any community that is truly free of oppression or subjugation by forces external to that community must necessarily be autonomous—the relationship of being governed, in a political sense, by an outside entity is necessarily oppressive. With these meanings and redundancies revealed then, we may now reduce the core argument of this document to the following statement:

In struggles for liberation from all oppressions, in seeking a world in which many worlds fit, we must cultivate community and abolish education.

The potential of being called an oppressor and a hypocrite by those who don't get it and having this work ignored or trivialized for saying education must be abolished is a risk I am willing to take in an attempt to reveal the inherently oppressive and colonizing nature of the term, concept, practice and institutions of education." (http://freeuniverseity.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/abolishingeducationprerelease2.pdf)