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Status: this list has not been updated for a long time.


Context: an attempt to create a meshwork of open/free, participatory/p2p, Commons-informed policy experts that can intervene in European policy debates.

What we aim to do here is to match sympathetic politicians and policy makers, with policy advisers.

This network now exists in practice through the efforts of the Opennet Coalition, and the tally of the votes of the EURO MP's, see just below.

Indeed, a potential way to find sympathetic EU parliamentarians is the Political Memory project by La Quadrature du Net: "a toolbox designed to help you reach members of European Parliament (MEPs), and track their voting records. We hope it will help citizens to get to better know their elected representatives"/ See also: List of Key Policy Makers in EU for new media developments

Another useful networking list: Signatories of Barcelona Charter on Free Culture

Thanks to Celia Blanco who has been very instrumental in improving/completing the original, and very scant, material.

Main List

Alexander Schellong, expert on Citizen Relationship Management approaches

Country List



  1. Digital Europe: internet rights questionnaire around the June 2009 EU elections
  2. EBLIDA.- (Pan European) Andrew Cranefield, via [email protected]
  3. European Digital Rights (EDRi) -
  4. EURALO: European "At-Large" section of ICANN (ALAC - ICANN)
  5. Free Software Foundation Europe; Georg Greve; Email: [email protected]
  6. Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
  7. Free Knowledge Institute, contact Wouter Tebbens <[email protected]>
  8. Internet Society; contact: Frederic Donck, Director Public Policy, donck at
  9. Open Coalition: Ad hoc mailing list: [email protected]; archives and subscription at; ad hoc coalition against the Telecoms package in the EU.
  10. We Rebuild is a cluster of net activists who have joined forces to collaborate on issues concerning access to a free internet without intrusive surveillance [1]
  11. 10 COM -


  1. Access -
  2. Association for Progressive Communications (APC) -
  3. Communication Is Your Right! –
  4. Digital Democracy -
  5. Digital Standards Organization
  6. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) -
  7. Internet Rights & Principles Coalition -
  8. -
  9. Open Source Initiative (OSI) -
  10. Progressive Technology Project --
  11. The Public Sphere Project -
  12. Tactical Tech -
  13. Virtual Activism -


  • Parltrack is a free tool and the associated free database to track the law-making in the European Parliament. (see also the associated Pippi Longstrings project for analysing legal documents.

  1. Philippe Aigrain
  2. Rishab Ghosh, MERIT
  3. Alan Toner: focuses on Intellectual Property and direct payment schemes to artists and creators
  4. Monica Horten University of Westminster, Communications and Media Research Institute, and maintainer of the IpTegrity blog, focuses on internet rights issues. Website: Contact at monica_horten (@) "
  5. Rufus Pollock, Open Knowledge Foundation, [email protected]
  6. Jonathan Gray at the Open Knowledge Foundation: [email protected]

Individual Politicians:

  1. Active in European parliament around IP / Copyright issues:

This graphic allows you to find the vote of all the Members of the Parliament in the Telcoms’ Package vote (100% is the vote more favorable to internet freedoms, 0% to private lobbies)

EU Parliamentarians:

  • Europatweets: a List with the Twitter-Accounts of all twittering Members of the EP.
  • Political Memory: a toolbox designed to help you reach members of European Parliament (MEPs), and track their voting records; compiled by La Quadrature du Net
  • Gilda Farrell: an assessor of Barroso; she has been working with the Italians on the European Charta of the Commons process; head of Division of the Council of Europe [4] ; [email protected]; She's been working closely with Ugo Mattei / Stefano Rodotà etc.


  • A group of EU parliamentarians, ean Louis Cottigny, Pierre Pribetich, Michel Rocard, Bronisław Geremek and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, have proposed a WRITTEN DECLARATION pursuant to Rule 116 of the Rules of Procedure on the use of open source software (25.9.2008) [5]
  • Zuzana Roithova (CZ, PPE), Stavros Lambridins (GR, S&D), Alexander Alvaro (DE, ALDE) and Françoise Casteix (FR, S&D) are opposing ACTA
  • David Hammerstein


  1. Vibe!AT: Verein für Internet-Benutzer Österreichs


  1. Eva LICHTENBERGER (Greens Group); Email: [email protected]; supports digital consumer rights and net neutrality


  1. Association Electronique Libre
  2. ISOC Wallonie; contact <[email protected]>
  3. ISOC Belgium ; Rudi Vansnick, President Internet Society Belgium vzw, rudi dot vansnick at isoc dot be
  4. Net Users’ Rights Protection Association (NURPA) -


  1. Jonas Maebe, FFII
  2. Rudi Vansnick, National expert : - Saferinternet (EU)


  1. Internet Society Bulgaria
  2. e-frontier Bulgaria [6]; Bogomil Shopov

Czech Republic

  1. Iuridicum Remedium


  1. The IT-Political Association of Denmark: focusing on various issues, such as privacy, infrastructure security, open standards, software patents, DRM and copyright, e-voting or RFID.
  2. Digital Rights



  1. Electronic Frontiers Finland: EFFI - Tapani Tarvainen



"we have a very good Green MP in Finland called Jyrki Kasvi. I believe internationally his main feat would be to be the famous politician whose homepage is available in Finnish, English and Klingon, ...but in real politics he is for all the right things ranging from Software Patent issues to being an active Facebook user." (Henrik Ingo)

Also one of the best MEP's in this regards is from Finland, Pia-Noora Kauppi ( and she seems to have become rather influential within these issues the conservative euro-party, after being very prominently for "the right things" in the Software Patent case, as well as some other IPR and Open Source related cases." (Henrik Ingo)



  1. The working group "Accès aux Savoirs" (Access to Knowledge) in Paris includes activists, NGOs, academics, political leaders. It is hosted by Europe Ecology, but many of our members are not affiliated to EE or the Greens. The purpose of the group is to develop collective thinking and to produce political strategies with people who are involved on various issues related to intellectual property, but that we prefer to address as access to knowledge issues. Topics we are working on so far include: open and free innovation, mobilization against ACTA, IP and technological transfert of green techs, new models for biomedical research, international negotiations on biodiversity, access to medicines, net neutrality, etc.
  2. APRIL, the French activist organization to promote Libre Software, has different campaigns, such as EUCD, but especially Candidats FR which targets French politicians
  3. Creative Commons France (Francois Déchelle)
  4. Imaginons un Réseau Internet Solidaire (IRIS)
  5. Quadrature du Net ; contact J ZIMMERMANN
  6. VECAM -



  1. Philippe Aigrain
  2. Olivier Auber
  3. Herve de Crosnier
  4. Patrick Altman <[email protected]>
  5. Nathalie Péré Marzano (président du CRID) <[email protected]>
  6. Suzanne Humberset RITIMO
  7. François Poulain <[email protected]>
  8. Julia Jumeau [email protected]
  9. Broca Sébastien <[email protected]>
  10. Félix Tréguer <[email protected]>
  11. Yvon Rastetter, consultant logiciel libre et PME, [email protected]
  12. Gaelle Krikorian, animatrice du réseau Acces aux savoirs, [email protected]
  13. Valérie Peugeot, présidente de VECAM, [email protected]
  14. Wojtek Kalinowski, IRE, [email protected]
  15. Aurore lalucq, IRE, [email protected]
  16. Matthieu Calame FPH
  17. Olivier Petitjean, [email protected]
  18. Frédéric Sultan, [email protected]


  1. Françoise Castex and Catherine Trautman, authors of an important editorial on internet rights (Socialist Party)


  1. Sylvie CABASSOT Maire-adjointe, Nanterre, [email protected]
  2. Marc Lipinski, élu conseil régional IDF, [email protected]



  1. Chaos Computer Club]: hackers movement with must-go annual conference
  2. Digitale Gesellschaft –
  3. FoeBuD
  4. Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft (FITUG e.V.)
  5. Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF e.V.)
  6. Netzwerk Neue Medien (NNM e.V.)
  7. AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung.- (Germany) Ralf Bendrath [7]; Email: bendrath (at)


  1. Ralf Bendrath [8]; Email: bendrath (at)


Both are German Euro parlamentarians of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, and supporters of digital consumer rights and net neutrality:

  1. Rebeca Harms: Email: [email protected]
  2. Helga Trüpel; Email: [email protected]


  1. Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS).- Laura Ranca; Email: [email protected]


  1. Digital Rights
  2. Ireland Offline; Eamonn Wallace [email protected]


  1. Teresa Hackett, EIFL - Ireland
  2. Eamonn Wallace [email protected]



  1. ALCEI: Electronic Frontiers Italy
  2. Scambio Etico - Italy; Mr. Paolo Brini is ScambioEtico's spokesperson for European affairs. Contact via [email protected]
  3. Altroconsumo, a major consumers' rights association in Italy, well-known also for its very active role in favour of digital rights for consumers. Contact: Marco Pierani, marco.pierani at
  4. NNSquad Italia.- Vittorio Bertola; Email: vb [at]
  5. Associazione per il Software Libero - Marco Ciurcina ; Email: [email protected]
  6. Associazione Linux Club Italia; Roberto Tupone's e-mail address is: [email protected]
  7. Assoprovider: the vast majority of Italian independent ISPs; Gianbattista Frontera, vicePresident, [email protected]
  8. foundation: free software activists, counts many Italian migrants; registered in the Netherlands

Experts and advocates

  1. Mr. Guido Scorza, President of Istituto per le Politiche dell'Innovazione (Institute for Policies of Innovation), active in favour of digital rights and Net Neutrality. His address is: [email protected]
  2. Lucio Picci, expert on Reputation-based Governance
  3. Antonio Lioy, expert on Trusted Computing
  4. Marco Fioretti, Digital Rights writer, activist and teacher; contact via marco, at
  5. Andrea Glorioso; contact andrea at
  6. Vittorio Bertola; Email: vb [at]
  7. Marco Ciurcina ; Email: [email protected]
  8. Jaromil ; Email:


  1. Socialist MEP Catiuscia Marini


  1. Metamorphosis



  1. Vrijschrift: stimulates free and open software and knowledge with projects ranging from supporting the Openstreetmap and Gutenberg projects to providing an umbrella for translators of open source software, OOXML and IPRED2
  2. Bits of Freedom: digital rights, works with EDRI
  3. Fobid: forum for Dutch libraries, contact Andrew at [email protected]


  1. Rishab Ghosh, MERIT
  2. Arjen Kamphuis has been instrumental in the fight for Open Standards, and the policy adoption by the Dutch parliament
  3. Maurice Wessling - observer with EDRI
  4. Wouter Tebbens (Free Knowledge Institute); Email: [email protected]


  1. Electronic Frontier Norway: civil liberties and digital rights organization working to protect and promote freedom of expression, privacy, the use of open standards and media file formats, public access to online resources and information, democratic IT infrastructures.


  1. Norwegian minister wants to legalize file-sharing: Bård Vegar Solhjell, Minister of Education and Research


  1. Polish Open Education Coalition: includes Polish National Library, Polish Wikipedia, Polish Creative Commons Society, National Teachers Education Centre, National Society of Librarians etc. List: Lista Koalicji Otwartej Edukacji KOED <[email protected]>
  2. Modern Poland Foundation, a non-profit working in the field of Open Educational Resources and promoting idea of free and unrestricted access to knowledge; contact: <[email protected]>


  1. <[email protected]>
  2. Internet Society Poland, Józef Halberszadt (i.a. patents)
  3. Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska / Modern Poland Foundation, Jarosław Lipszyc (open culture, esp. handbooks or schools)
  4. Fundacja Panoptykon / Panopticon Foundation, Katarzyna Szymielewicz (surveillance, privacy rights)
  5. VaGla - a one-man think tank by Piotr Waglewski, a legal expert in the domain

"law and the internet")


  1. Associação Nacional para o Software Livre (ANSOL)


  1. Association for Technology and Internet


  1. Aljaz Marn, observer with EDRI


  1. La Ex; Simona Conservas at <[email protected]>
  2. Comunicació per a la Cooperació (Pangea)
  3. Nodo50
  4. Asociación de Internautas Víctor Domingo, via cci at
  5. Hispalinux is a very active, skilled and competent organization working

for a free knowledge and access to culture; Jorge Fuertes, President, via [email protected]; sample campaign:


  1. David Casacuberta - observer with EDRI
  2. Jesus-Gonzales Barahona, URJC univ. Madrid


David Hammerstein (Greens group); Email: [email protected]; supports digital consumer rights and net neutrality



  1. Föreningen fri kultur & programvara.- (Sweden) Jonas Öberg[9]


  1. Jonas Öberg[10]


  1. Eva-Britt Svensson (Swedish Left Party), Member of the European Parliament, Swedish cell +46 706 331 346, blog
  2. Karl Sigrid of the Moderate Party and 6 other parliamentarians have written articles to support decriminalizing filesharing.
  3. Erik Josefsson - candidate for European Parliament (vansterpartiet). SE: +46 707 696 567
  4. Christian Engstrom, Pirate Party European MEP


  1. Swiss Internet User Group (SIUG)
  2. Thomas Ruddy

United Kingdom


  1. Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR)
  2. Open Rights Group]
  3. Open Knowledge Foundation [11]
  4. UKUUG: UK's Open Systems User Group, for people who care about open IT standards and the systems that implement them
  5. KEI [12]: an organization that searches for better outcomes, including new solutions, to the management of knowledge resources (US organization?, but with office in the UK); TEL:+44(0)207 226 6663 ex 252


  1. Steve Coast – founder of Open Street Map - [email protected]
  2. Alan Cox – Linux kernel hacker -
  3. Jonathan Gray at the Open Knowledge Foundation: [email protected]
  4. Monica Horten University of Westminster, Communications and Media Research Institute, and maintainer of the IpTegrity blog, focuses on internet rights issues. Website: Contact at monica_horten (@)
  5. Glyn Moody, advocate of Open Source and Open Standards
  6. Peter Murray-Rust – Open Data [email protected],
  7. John Naughton – writer, blogger, academic -
  8. John Newton, co-founded open source company Alfresco - [email protected],
  9. Simon Phipps – head of open source at Sun, but based in UK - [email protected],
  10. Rufus Pollock – open economics, Open Knowledge -
  11. Roy Schestowitz – Boycott Novell site - [email protected]com ; Freelance journalist @ ; expert in software patents
  12. Tom Steinberg – Open Government - [email protected]
  13. Mark Taylor, "one of the key people in the UK for everything to do with open source". Contact mark dot taylor at
  14. Bill Thompson – blogger, broadcaster on open source, digital rights - [email protected]
  15. John Wilson works on Open Spectrum issues

opensourceconsortium dot org


  1. John Pugh, the Liberal Democrat MP for Southport [13],
  2. Tom Watson, 10 digital pledges