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= We Rebuild is a cluster of net activists who have joined forces to collaborate on issues concerning access to a free internet without intrusive surveillance

URL = http://werebuild.eu/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Status update: website is no longer accessible; status of project is not clear


"We Rebuild is a decentralized cluster of net activists who have joined forces to collaborate on issues concerning access to a free Internet without intrusive surveillance. These issues span over many subjects and areas, which are reflected in a breadth of competences and opinions. There are no leaders, nor members. We Rebuild is simply an international chaotic event, and our actions can not be predicted in detail. We are a flow of passions, and we sometimes refer to our driving force as “data-love”.

What do we want? The We Rebuild initiative promotes and participates in building the Internet to be accessible for everyone everywhere, enabling true freedom of speech. This is something which can not be guaranteed by states or corporations, but requires the polyvocal voice of the Internet. You will run in to us when you least expect it, especially if you are making decisions about the Internet. But since our strategies are based in the passionate sharing of ideas, you will most likely be happy to see us.

How do we do this? We communicate and organize through IRC, primarily in the channels #telekompaketet and #werebuildeu on irc.telecomix.org. You are very welcome to join us!

In the spirit of helping the free flow of information, the cluster sends out news that it finds interesting through the Telecomix News Agency at http://www.telecomix.org/. To make communication easy for us and others we build our own tools using open source software and open protocols. Many of us actively participate in projects to support free communication, e.g. setting up anonymous proxies for people living in oppressive regimes. Our knowledge and code is shared with anyone. We Rebuild wants to be copied. The movement is also involved in spawning different types of enquiries concerning legislative phenomena as well as concepts such as net neutrality and censorship.

The Werebuild Wiki, http://werebuild.eu/wiki/, is the centrepoint of our activity. The wiki system is completely open for anyone to add, edit or delete info – and through our collaborative work we are trying to produce a broad base of facts and informations, useful for us and others.

Who are we? There really is no “we”, because we are also you. When acting as We Rebuild, we put all personal or political views aside, focusing on our target – rebuilding the world and saving the internets." (http://interfax.werebuild.eu/2009/07/30/werebuild-fourth-communique-of-the-internets/)

More Information

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