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Good blog to monitor Finnish developments, by Jyri Engestrom, a promoter of the 'creative society' meme [1]

Initiatives involving the co-production of public services

Compiled by Andrea Botero:

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  • Monimos is a social media service around international mindedness, immigration and integration, which has been co-designed by a group of immigrants & organizations, with the facilitation of researchers and the Finnish Ministry of Justice.
  • Loppukiri is the outcome of a six year project of the Active Seniors Association. The association was founded in August 2000 to introduce the concept of a housing community for elderly people based on neighborliness, self-help and community spirit guided by open decision-making process.
  • The Helka network is a non-governmental organization founded in 1964. Its mission is to activate and bring together residents and local actors in the Helsinki City area. Central task of Helka is to convey information and to enhance dialogue between the City of Helsinki and its residents. With the ongoing support from Helsinki City Government Helka has established a city wide network of neighbourhood web pages, after over a decade of experimentation and pilot work.
  • Voimapiiri is a service that offers information and support to those concerned about their own, or a close one, use of drugs or games. The service is co-produced by different stakeholders and users themselves (technical base are short text messages)
  • Stadinaikapankki its meant for all inhabitants of Helsinki and its surroundings that are interested in offering their time and skills to their communities, and at the same time receive some help for their everyday life’s. The time-bank runs on a virtual currency called “tovi” that is roughly the equivalent of and hour.
  • Refugee Hospitality Club is an open volunteer network of people and organizations from the downtown Helsinki area, working in cooperation with the staff of two reception centres for asylum seekers in Helsinki. The club aims to offer a meeting point for all residents to share experiences and do things together.


  1. Co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer production in public services