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= Resources in and on P2P developments in Spain

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The essay by Michel Bauwens, the Political Economy of Peer Production is partially translated by Robin Good of Master New Media at

More material is available in our Spanish-Language section

You may also want to check

An overview of political blogs


Selection by Julen Iturbe-Ormaetxe

Nodo 50 - Espai Alternatiu


Comment by Julen: It is written both some parts in catalonian language and some others in spanish. I translate some basic ideas:

"This is a project, a local political organization extremely experimental but emergent, that tries to build and to live according to new social realities. We are a group of people that configure a node of the organizational and personal networks that work coordinately at world level with the objective of achieving a more participative democracy. We act in order to develop new spaces in life, to avoid being treated as a market, to cooperate and support sinergies among us, to help ourselves together, to autoorganize ourselves, to develop authonomy and cooperation among people, to eliminate the cruel and nihilist competitiviness and the fragmentation that divides ones from others and that hides what is issential in human beings: our hope and our wish of an absolute democracy."

Redes Sociales


"very focused on social software and networking"

J. Freire's Nomada blog


"deals with many different subjects but sometimes talking about collaboration and new perspectives in general. It is well done and supported with many references."

Other Resources

Barcelona's media research collective and open learning advocacy group Platoniq


My own favourites are Cornelia's (Barcelona) Citilab and in Madrid, the Medialab Prado

Compiled by Synnove Mathe:

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  1. Capítulo Español de la Free Software Foundation Europe
  2. Blogx Populi, grupo de desarrollo socio-técnico
  3., grupo de desarrollo de Redes Libres