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For a list of pages see Category:Netherlands.

For updates on the country's p2p developments, see

We also have the Dutch P2P blog, currently inactive.

Our Dutch-language material is here.

The P2P Foundation does have the following symphatizers in The Netherlands:

  • James Burke
  • Bas Reus
  • Marijn van der Pas
  • Martien van Steenbergen
  • Ben Zevenbergen
  • Abdur Rahman-Advany
  • Guaka

List of Dutch organizations

  • New Explorers Guide to Dutch Digital Culture: a clear overview of the major players in the field of digital art and culture in the Netherlands. Get in touch with over 150 organisations, categorised in media labs, media festivals and game companies. pdf
  1. - making ICT available to people with disabilities
  2. AMS-ix - the largest internet exchange on the planet
  3. Bendeburgers - e-participation platform
  4. Bits of Freedom - protecting online civil rights
  5. Dutch Hosting Provider Association - association of hosting companies
  6. Eth0 - hacker association
  7. Free Knowledge Institute - promotes free knowledge and software
  8. Fronteers - association of front end developers
  9. - association for grid and cloud professionals
  10. Het Nieuwe Stemmen - making society open with open data
  11. Holland Open - open source software, open standards, open content
  12. Hxx - hacker association
  13. ISPconnect - association of Internet Service Providers
  14. Internet Society Nederland - to promote the free, robust and reliable internet
  15. NLnet - charity that invests in open technologies
  16. NLnet Labs - R&D on core internet technology
  17. OpenDoc Society - knowledge platform around open document formats
  18. RIPE NCC - Regional Internet Registry (RIR)
  19. SIDN - the organisation behind .nl and ENUM in the Netherlands
  20. SURFnet - national research and education network
  21. Terena - Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
  22. Vereniging Open Domein - promotes public domain on the internet
  23. Vrijschrift - striving for free information and protection of privacy
  24. W3C Benelux - the Benelux office of the webstandards organisation