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Kefk Network,

Looks like a very well documented scientific website about various aspects of P2P


Wiki dedicated to all aspects of a cooperative culture (which may be essentially synonym to p2p culture) run by Thomas Kalka.


This group emerged as a BooF session at the Wizards of OS Conference in 1999, started to gain life of its own, organized 3 international conferences and an extensive mailinglist and became the grandfather of several other initiatives after forks and other dissociations in 2006; seeks to go international now and switch to English.

Freie-Gesellschaft-Wiki (Free Society Wiki),

The goal of this wiki is to find out whether and in which ways commons-based peer production has a potential that extends beyond the areas of free software and open content production where it has first emerged. It this just a phenomenon of limited relevance, or might it one day cover all aspects of production? Is a society possible in which peer production is the primary mode of production? If so, how could such a society be organized?,

A group weblog discussing and analyzing the emergence and spreading of new particitory and open approaches in all areas of life – software development, content production, (non-)education, physical production, and beyond. Main authors: Benni Bärmann, Christian Siefkes, Stefan Meretz, Thomas Berker, Thomas Kalka.

Freie Modi (Free Modes descriptions),

Definitions of the various expressions of the free paradigm.

Open Theory, (access to essays),

Complementary Currencies

Information provided by Georg Pleger:

"We use Cyclos for transactions within regional communities and for transactions between communities with different currencies.

za:rt is a nonprofit organization ("Verein") focussing on the networkting between complementary currencies in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

German speaking Cyclos clearing just starts at:

Regiogeld Verband is a nonprofit organization in Germany:

Our Poster-Exhibition is online at"