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Wiki dedicated to all aspects of a cooperative culture (which may be essentially synonym to p2p culture).

CoForum started as a ordinary wiki in 2001 but is evolving slowly into some mixture of a blog / database driven by a semantic network, given by relations between the pages of the wiki.


Thomas Kalka:

"I'm running CoForum mainly to find ways to foster emergence of critical mass for cooperative action. One of the main questions doing this is how to collect and organize data about projects, people, networks."

Although there is a p2p tag ( most of the pages concerning p2p culture will be found under different tags.

Patterns learned from running coforum:

collect data not in lists, collect data as objects with relations to other objects (this is a p2p paradigma)

make data accessible by uids, not names

organising lots of data needs heterarchies (p2p may be partially directional structurized)

--Thomas Kalka 13:17, 24 February 2007 (PST)