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= French campaign, related to the APRIL organization, for raising awareness about DRM, the criminalization of their circumvention, and their effects on economics, law, innovation



"For 3 years, 1 to 3 persons worked full-time to build solid documentation, contact politics, write amendments, contact journalists, etc. about the French transposition of the EUCD directive (DADVSI law). Over the criminalizing of DRM circumvention, this transposition brought very specific legal weapons supposed to "fight piracy" that were among the most radical, impressive and nefarious ever seen. Some of them were pushed back thanks to our efforts, but many of them may come back again very soon : private police and filtering of the Internet, censorship of authors of software "mainly used for distributing content without their author's consent", etc. Nevertheless, around the legal text in the parliament, our efforts brought many "collateral benefits". (

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See APRIL, French digital rights organization