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For a list of pages Category:Austria.


Directory of Commons-related Austrian Websites

List provided by Brigitte Kratzwald:

(most of them only available in German):

The only English one is a platform for collaborative research:

The Website of the Austrian Transition-Network:

On this page there's also a working group discussing the relations between solidarity economy and commons called „Solcom“:

The page of the international dicussion group is:

There are two more Websites dealing with similar issues:

This one is a platform of different co-housing projects:

This is a group of creative workers developing new modes of collective work, cooperation, kind of P2P production

Other Resources

  • quintessenz: "Our mission is the restoration of civil rights that have been abolished by technical means during the first stage of the information revolution."

you fill find more in the German_language section


  • OLCOS, the Open eLearning Content Observatory Services project (1/2006-12/2007) coordinated by the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft aims at building an information and observation centre for promoting the concept, production and usage of open educational resources, in particular, open digital educational content (ODEC) in Europe.

Complementary Currencies