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Our alliance is a free software co-op. Our mission is to support internet and media professionals by using and maintaining free software. Applying the co-op model, we are providing services in close co-operation with our members. osAlliance stresses user-friendly mediation and representative implementation of its solutions. Serving a research and customer network of more than 100 partners and members, osAlliance is grounded with interdisciplinary competence and driven by market forces.

Within international research projects, osAlliance focuses on moderation of users and developers in all phases of a project, starting with user requirements, during development reviews and ending up with demonstration and successful exploitation activities.

Together with our members and partners we develop open source software, create innovative multi-media content, work out marketing concepts, organize media events and participate in media art festivals and international standardization activities.

Open Source for Open Minds Our alliance offers development, project management and quality assurance for a wide variety of IT products and services. Watch out for our solutions in Drupal, spunQ, Plone or Asterisk. We build and maintain web machines, databases, telephony gateways or media hubs using Free Software. Intense research is the key for our success. With more than ten years of experience in project management and a number of interdisciplinary, creative and dedicated co-op members we are able to handle medium and big projects a single company wouldn't be.

Using Free Software, customers get mature platforms with big value and transparent recipes. We manage your innovation, customization and integration.


  • Members of the cooperative come from all over the world
  • The number and quality of services provided to members by the cooperative is growing regularly
  • The OSAlliance is able to handle much larger projects because of cooperation
  • The OSAlliance is headquartered in Austria

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