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= French campaign, associated with APRIL organization, to make the candidates to elections work on freedom in the digital world



"This campaign goal was to influence the candidates at elections so they think and work and talk about libre software, interoperability, DRM, software patents, open standards, etc. ( Thanks to some political acrobatics, 9 out of the 12 candidates, including the 5 first ones, replied to our very precise questionnaire.

During the legislative campaign (for electing the deputies), we built a distributed web platform where volunteers took responsibility and reported about contacting their local candidates to make them sign a "Pacte du Logiciel Libre" (pact of free-as-free-speech software). This very short and precise document acknowledges the benefits of our freedom for economics, society and innovation, and their need for protection when they're endangered. Out of the 7600 candidates, more than 500 signed our pact. 66 of the 577 elected signed it, thanks to the help of 600 volunteers." (