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This is a cleaner version, for more names see the Commons-Oriented Economists Draft Version


In October/November 2010, the Commons Strategies Group, consisting of David Bollier, Silke Helfrich, Bea Busaniche and myself (Michel Bauwens, under the auspices and with support of the Heinrich Boll Foundation, organized the Berlin Commons Conference, which brought together representatives of physical and digital commons under the shared topic of 'commons-oriented policy-making'.

For 2013, CSG is proposing to organize a follow-up conference, this time on commons-oriented economists.

Below is some preparatory material.

A useful warning from Marco Berlinguer:

"a commons approach to economy implies a redefinition of what is economy, what is value and a radical re-discussion about the measures (and the structures of power) which are embedded in the capitalistic money codes. And therefore economists as such aren't sufficient to cover all the implications."

For more about the CSG proposal, see: Proposal for a Conference on Commons-Oriented Economics

Introduction and Themes

  • macro-economic conceptions: how does a commons orientation fits in today's economic approaches
  • economy of the physical commons: what can we learn about the governance and economics of local physical commons
  • the economy of digital common: what can we learn from the economics governing digital commons
  • money and funding as a commons: from local credit commons to transnational monetary reform
  • solving the biospheric crisis: preserving and protecting the natural commons

Steering Committee

  1. Land and Nature: Saki Bailey (Italy)
  2. Money & Value: Ludwig Schuster (Germany)
  3. Labor: Heike Löschmann (Germany)
  4. Culture, Science & Knowledge: Mike Linksvayer (US)
  5. Infrastructure: Miguel Said Vieira (Brazil)
  6. Life, Meaning & Spirituality: Andreas Weber (Germany)

Consolidated Draft List of Commons-Oriented Economist per stream

Land and Nature

Responsible for stream: Saki Bailey (Italy)


  • Josh Farley, U. of Vermont (ecological economics, community development)

See also:

  1. James Boyce, UMass Amherst (ecological economics)
  2. Herman Daly, steady-state economics
  3. Peter Söderbaum - important "green economist,
  4. Peter Barnes [1], Pt. Reyes Station, California (former entrepreneur; commons; Sky Trust) *

Names mentioned by Saki Bailey:

  1. Joshua Farley (could also be in Andrea's stream?)
  2. Carol Rose
  3. Anne Le Strat (Paris water)
  4. Ruanda Forest Management
  5. Elizabeth Peredo, Bolivia Fundación Solon ; <[email protected]>, has been participating in LA Deep Dive

Money & Value

Responsible for stream: Ludwig Schuster (Germany)

See also:

  1. Jem Bendell (good speaker on money, can only arrive 23 in the afternoon)
  2. Ellen Brown, reforming finance
  3. Chris Cook, Open Capital approach
  4. Thomas Greco, instituting Credit Commons
  5. Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets
  6. Mellor, Mary ( 2010). The Future of Money, Pluto Press.
  7. David Hales; Towards a Quality Financial Commons?
  8. Adrian Wrigley on Land-Based Money: Adrian Wrigley discusses a way to ensure both money supply and land values are kept in the public domain.
  9. Luigi Doria and Luca Fantacci (see [2]
  10. Marc Gauvin [BIBO]
  11. Bill Maurer at UC-Irvine on payments systems as commons/public good
  12. Stephen Belgin und Bernard Lietaer
  13. Eli Gothill, young currency reform expert


Responsible for stream: Heike Löschmann (Germany)

Suggested keynote for labor and care: Adelheid Biesecker

  • Orsan Senalp, TNI, social network unionism, works on labor - commons relation, from occupy/indignados network
  • Allen Butcher has done detailed studies on "community economics" and labor allocation methods

See also:

  1. Jaroslav Vanek, labour cooperative economics, Jaroslav_Vanek_on_Cooperative_Economics

Recommended by George Papanikolau:

"About commons oriented economists my proposal (in fact I should rather say a very strong recommendation) is Petros Linardos Rylmon working in the institute of the General confederation of Greek workers and in Nikos Poulantza's foundation. He has written books on knowledge communities and he is enthusiast about the commons (has discovered them relatively lately). He is also involved in SYRIZA's alternative economy team. I think it is a very good choice which will help spread the word inside the Greek left (David maybe is not familiar with the peculiarities of the Greek politics)."

Culture, Science & Knowledge

Responsible for stream: Mike Linksvayer (US)


  1. Charlotte Hess
  2. Mayo Fuster
  3. Rick Falkvinge, Pirate Party
  4. Beatriz Busaniche
  5. Glyn Moody,
  6. Amelia Anderscogger, Sweden, MP, Pirate Party
  7. Mako Hill
  8. Carolina Botero, Colombia
  9. Adriana Sanchez, Costa Rica
  10. Bernardo Tuitterez, Spain
  11. Prabir Pukayastha
  12. Lawrence Liang
  13. Jaromil


Responsible for stream: Miguel Said Vieira (Brazil)

  • Kevin Carson, mutualist economics centered around distributed manufacturing
  • Timothy Moss; author of 2 works on urban and water multi-governance

Life, Meaning & Spirituality

Responsible for stream: Andreas Weber (Germany)

  • Dana Klisanin: as an Advisor to the AwareGuide, an on-line guide to transformational media. Together with a growing network of "evolutionaries" and integral visionaries, she is helping to define a culture of thought that uses media as an instrument of spiritual awakening and world transformation. Dana is currently writing a book on digital altruism and the cyberhero archetype;
  • Charlene Spretnak, author of Relational Reality; "Ms. Spretnak's eighth book, Relational Reality: New Discoveries of Interrelatedness That Are Transforming the Modern World was published in 2011. Noting that our hypermodern societies, currently possess only a kindergarten understanding of the deeply relational nature of reality, she illuminates the coherence of numerous recent discoveries that are moving the relational worldview from the margins into the mainstream. The central realization, with myriad manifestations, is that all entities in this world, including humans, are thoroughly relational beings of great complexity who are both composed of and nested within contextual networks of creative, dynamic interrelationships. Nothing exists outside of those relationships."

List provided by Andreas Weber:

Kalevi Kull, Kalevi Kull, [email protected], philosopher, biosemiotician, University of Tartu, Estonia,

Lewis Hyde, [email protected], poet, writer, philosopher, major theoretician on poetics of the gift, US,

Claire Petitmengin, [email protected], cognitive researcher, phenomenologist, buddhist scholar, Institut Télécom, Evry (Paris),,

Jon Young, E-Mail, bird tracker, naturalist, nature mentor, founder of indian-tradition inspired coyote teaching and wilderness awareness school, US,

Geseko von Luepke, [email protected], deep ecologist, journalist and book author,

Bill McKibben, [email protected], sustainability journalist and book author, US

Arthur Zajonc, E-Mail, physicist, spiritual researcher, president of the Mind & Life institute, US,

Recommended Generalist Commons Economists


Where to find list of names:

  • Participants in the workshops:
  1. Asia Commons Deep Dive
  2. Europe Commons Deep Dive
  3. Latin America Commons Deep Dive

Master List in Alphabetical Order


  1. Timothy Moss