Armin Beverungen

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= researcher on "labour and the commons" in knowledge industries


"My postdoctoral research concerns the labour of the commons taking place within knowledge factories, creative industries and internet economies.

My starting premise is that the neoliberalisation of these spheres stands in stark conflict with the commons it relies on, producing a contradictory "communism of capital". Universities, the creative industries and the internet rely on a huge amount of sociality, common labour and amassed commons, which neoliberalism both relies on while fundamentally undermining it.

To give an example relevant to hybrid publishing: in scholarly publishing, oligarchies of publishers extract large profits from the productive capacities of collective academic labour and the wealth of universities, without however paying for the former or sustaining the latter.

My research explores how the sociality and mutuality produced in the labour of the commons may produce different economic, cultural and political modalities. For scholarly publishing this may most immediately mean: open access, independent publishing."

More Information

  • Armin Beverungen Sülztorstr. 21-25, ST.316 21335 Lüneburg
  • Fon +49.4131.677-9011 ; Fax +49.4131.677-9090
  • email: [email protected]